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Loyal VC is the largest funder of INSEAD alumni companies. It is an open-ended, global tech and impact fund, designed to minimize systemic bias inherent in the investment process to unlock greater returns. 

The fund values flexibility and liquidity for investors (LPs), continuous deal flow from trusted global partners (INSEAD, Founder Institute, and 150+ LPs), diversification to protect capital, and a staged investing process that focuses capital to top performing entrepreneurs from inception to scale. 

Attend Loyal's events at the New York Alumni Forum:

INSEAD Entrepreneurs: A Winning Investment Strategy?

Thursday, March 31st at 12:00pm EDT 

Hear from a fund who have invested in almost 100 INSEAD alumni entrepreneurs to date, and given hundreds of other alumni an avenue to support these entrepreneurs with their money or time.

Where: Blue Wood Aster Room, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge 

Allyship — The Workplace Inclusion Strategy We All Need to Succeed

Friday, April 1st at 10:10am EDT

Loyal founding partner, Kamal Hassan, is a panelist.

An ally is someone who actively promotes a culture of inclusion through intentional and proactive efforts. But what does allyship mean in the context of our professional relationships and networks? And how does it show in the world of business and corporate culture? This conversation will  introduce the concept of allyship as a means for creating greater meaning, belonging and engagement at work and thus as a powerful career lever for all of us.

Where: Check forum itinerary for more information

Loyal x INSEAD — Dinner in New York City

Saturday , April 2nd at 7:00pm EDT

Loyal VC has volunteered to organize a collection of dinners around New York in the spirit of good company and conversation.

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You can reach Loyal by emailing [email protected], or for more specifics select the section to the right.

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