Loyal Founder Testimonials

Spot Ship

Spot Ship is the ship broker’s digital assistant. Utilising powerful AI and machine learning tools we enable you to leverage your data at incredible speed. They aim to enable brokers by reducing their admin burden. They use all available data in order to give brokers maximum information for minimum effort. Machine learning enables the platform to support optimal decision-making, based on observation of past phenomena, and offer rapid customisation according to your preferences.


james kellet

James Kellet


henry waterfield

Henry Waterfield

Co-Founder & CEO

James and Henry are e


Prowess Project

Prowess exists to level the imbalance for women in the workforce – starting with caregivers hungry to return. We do this through our integrated platform consisting of upskilling resources, confidence training, Community and job-pairing. The data collected throughout the platform goes into our job-matching algorithm that matches candidates based on skills-needed, behavior-style and value alignment. This holistic, data-driven approach provides the opportunity for employers to access our talent pool and receive a shortlist of candidates cutting the hiring and ramp-up time in half – saving time, money and headaches.



Ashley Connell

Founder & CEO at Prowess Project

Ashley Connell, CEO and Founder of Prowess Project, has been an unstoppable tech marketer and entrepreneur in both Austin and London over the past 12 years of her career. With a keen ability to marry the art and science of marketing, she has honed her dynamic skills in key positions including launching and driving all European marketing initiatives during her tenure at Spiceworks, and managing Global Field Marketing at SanDisk.

After graduating from the rigorous Founders Institute — undertaken while a partner in her own marketing firm, A10 Partners — Ashley’s now changing the lives of frustrated managers, stay-at-home moms seeking meaningful work, and doing all she can to close the gender gap.  In her pretty much non-existent spare time she enjoys yoga, walks with her dog, cheering on her beloved Longhorns, and spaghetti and meatballs.


Peerby enables you to borrow and rent the things you need from people in your neighborhood. Why spend hundreds of dollars on things you only need once or once in a while? Imagine an ordinary street with the homes of roughly 100 families. Try to imagine how many durable consumer goods are kept in all these houses: power tools, lawn mowers, barbecues, sports gear, camping equipment, bikes, cars, motor cycles, etc. What would happen if we could make these products easily accessible to all the people in this neighborhood? Doe these people really need a hundred lawn mowers? Wouldn’t five be enough?

Peerby.com is the world’s first peer-to-peer sharing platform that actively creates supply by asking around through Facebook, push notification and e-mail.


daan weddepohl

Daan Weddepohl

Founder & CEO at Peerby

Daan Weddepohl, founder & CEO of Peerby, works and lives in Amsterdam. As an alumnus of Techstars and Founder Institute, Daan has brought his entrepreneurial skills to the world of “P-2-P,” peer-to-peer, business. Daan is startup mentor at the Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam, speaks four languages and is also the winner of the Guardian Tech Talent Award. 
“Self-confessed frequent ‘um’ sayer.”

Boost Capital

Boost is an innovative team using technology to offer micro-financing and financial education on consumer-friendly, sustainable terms.



Lucinda Revell

Co-Found of Boost Capital

As Co-Founder of Boost Capital, Lucinda is responsible for managing the operations of an innovative new company using technology to improve customer’s microfinance experience and reduce costs for emerging market customers.  She leads product development, ranging from the types of financial products offered, the algorithms used to make credit decisions, and the user experience of a digital microfinance offering.  She has established Boost’s credit and operating policies to comply with the CDC Code of Responsible Investing and the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles.

Lucinda knows the SEAsian market well, having incubated multiple new businesses in clean water, renewable energy, agriculture, and finance while implementing international best practices of corporate governance.

She has a BA from Yale University and an MBA from INSEAD in France and Singapore.  She was the recipient of INSEAD Alumni Fund Women’s Scholarship.


Waitrr is a mobile ordering and payments platform that creates a seamless dining experience for guests and restaurant partners.



Tim Wekezer

Founder & CEO at Waitrr

Tim has an MBA from INSEAD and a Bachelor in Hospitality Management from Hotelschool the Hague. Waitrr’s restaurant expert, Tim was born into a family of restaurant owners. He has worked in the F&B industry for 25+ years, across six countries, leading teams of up to 50 people. Prior to founding Waitrr, Tim was a financial analyst for 5 years, overseeing corporate M&A and investments.


Zunify is on a mission to reduce the overall payment processing fees through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology; to provide highly efficient and secure, eco-conscious transactions for banks, commerce, and consumers in order to achieve a unified and fair financial system.



Juan Monge

Co-Founder & CEO at Zunify

sofia ortega

Sofía Ortega

Co-Founder & Head of Operations at Zunify

Juan and Sofía seek to create added value to projects that integrate high-tech solutions with the use of mechanisms that promote environmental sustainability.


A tech-enabled B2B retail platform that helps small retailers source their inventory, access financing and essential insurance services. BetaStore gives better access to informal retailers to the widest assortment of FMCG goods at wholesale price and delivers to their stores. The retailers don’t need to close their shops to go to the open markets and visit tens of suppliers to source for basic goods.



Co-Founder of BetaStore

Retail & E-commerce business leader with proven track record of delivering exponential top-line and bottom-line growth and leading complex logistics operations.