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"What we say about Venture"

Loyal is a tech and impact fund unlike any other. Our global partners and transparent process work together to minimize systemic bias inherent in early-stage venture capital and unlock greater returns.

We are an open-ended fund offering flexible redemptions and opportunities that investors and entrepreneurs need now. It’s how respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, and loyalty is returned.

We are often discovered by entrepreneurs well before traditional VCs take a look. 

INSEAD is our partner. INSEAD alumni are among an elite tier of Unicorn founders. More importantly, as an Alumni group, they have a strong presence in the world’s established and emerging markets. INSEAD Alumni founding teams and Alumni LPs interested in early-stage investing are contributing to Loyal’s growth. 

~45% of our portfolio companies are INSEAD Alumni led 

The Founder Institute is our partner. The world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator has a presence in more markets than any other accelerator. Loyal relies on FI’s psychometric intake evaluations, start-up curriculum, and mentor reviews that graduate only the top performing teams. 

~50% of our portfolio companies are FI program graduates 

LPs and Advisors are our partners. Our world view and results are gratefully made possible by partners often committed to both tech and impact. Whenever possible, we work to build balanced representation across the portfolio. 

~150 LPs and ~600 Advisors

As a ‘new style’ fund, Loyal is more aligned with the needs of a ‘new style’ investor with a progressive and transparent approach to investment, process, and performance. 

Open v. Closed. Now LPs can invest when they want, co-invest when they want, and exit when they want. There are no cash calls and LPs can trade in and out while entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to earn the long-term capital they need to build from inception to scale. 

Fees tied to real gains and flexible redemptions. Loyal defers all ‘carry’ until investors cash out or get a distribution. Operating on the basis of real profits, not paper profits, the fund only gets paid when its investors do.  

Open book. There is continuous monitoring across all companies with standard reporting features and 1:1 company calls. It’s an open book for investors who can see true diversification of their portfolio without traditional decision bias.

From IoT to Web 3.0 Loyal’s strategy is sector agnostic. We invest in over 15 sectors with a focus on technology companies.  

Current portfolio by sector 

~11% B2B Services

~10% Fintech/Insurtech

~8% Healthtech 

~8% Blockchain

~8% Cleantech/ Impact

~8% Food/Agtech

~7% E-Commerce/ Retail 

~6% Media

~6% Fashion 

~5% AI

~5% Consumer Apps

~5% Hardware

~5% Travel/ Transport

~3% Edtech

~2% Proptech 

~2% VR/ AR

~2% Gaming/ Esports

From UN SDGs to ESG Loyal investment at the earliest stage establishes a trust relationship and a good look at the policies and practices of 100s of companies where ESG, GRC and UN SDGs are nurtured.

~90% of our portfolio companies address one or more of the UN SDGs

~30% of our portfolio companies are female led 

~30% of our portfolio companies are in emerging markets

Our systematic approach learns from a critical mass of companies at each stage. In our 5th year, we’re optimizing results in a unique relationship where trust is gained at every stage.

IntakeOutperforming companies from our trusted networks are evaluated for the pilot gate-stage.

Pilot: At the pilot stage a small commitment is made in exchange for an ongoing reporting and advisory relationship that sets the baseline to mark progress to the next gate.

~80% accept the offer

Traction: During the traction stage, top performers are ranked based on expected risk-adjusted returns and the best are offered a gateway to the next investment while others in the portfolio remain eligible.

~98% accept the offer

Scale: Each month the top ranked company in the traction stage is offered a follow on investment. Loyal is comfortable leading, following, or even being the only investor in the round.

~100% accept the offer

Exit: As an open-ended fund Loyal has the freedom to take the most profitable and best exit opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.

‘Being there at the beginning’ doesn’t guarantee a fair share of returns in the end. So, how do early-stage investors keep their seat at the table? The traditional answer is more money. But what if being ‘there at the end’ means staying relevant from inception to scale? 

Loyal is about relationships, observation, insight and oversight. The monthly data we get is part of the equation but it’s conversation that keeps the relationship fresh and relevant. Every month, advisors support founding teams anywhere in the world.  

Our Ask us Anything sessions are held weekly and our private channel is open to accredited investors who want to take a closer look at fund performance. If you are an Accredited Investor and would like to learn more, contact us at [email protected].

Portfolio Investments

Loyal has a core portfolio of over 200 investments in more than 50 countries. Selected portfolio companies are listed below.

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