Loyal is re-inventing early stage investing. To start with, the fund is evergreen, and re-prices and trades every quarter. Investors can cash out when they want, rather than waiting for portfolio company exits. Entrepreneurs get a fund whose long term viewpoint matches theirs and investors get a fund that optimizes returns by selling at the best price, not the earliest.

Michael Kosic and Kamal Hassan, Partners

Entrepreneurial talent is not restricted to a specific region, country or industry. We partner with global organizations who have a deep understanding of the best local early stage companies. Then we leverage their networks to source diverse, pre-vetted, worthy founders.

Access through two of the world’s top startup sources:


Founder Institute is the world's largest pre-seed accelerator program. Over 3,000 entrepreneurs have completed their demanding fourteen-week program, in over 65 countries around the world.

Alumni Organizations

INSEAD, the 'business school for the world' is the number one non-US business school for unicorn founders and VC-funded founders, according to Pitchbook. We source entrepreneurs through their global alumni network.

We give all companies a chance to prove themselves - whether you have wealthy friends and family or not - by investing early. Companies enter by referrals from trusted partners who have worked with them for months. Follow on investments are based on what companies deliver month over month, not how they pitch. Perhaps as a result, Loyal VC has a highly diverse founder body, with almost 40% women CEOs, and people of all racial origins. Industries are equally diverse, ranging from blockchain and AI to social ventures and biotech.

110+ founders, 275+ advisors
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To provide local and industry expertise, Loyal VC has over 275 advisors around the world. Contact us to learn about our advisor program.

Loyal’s goal is consistent, strong portfolio returns. That means investing based on a deep understanding of companies built over months, and then using strict rules to ensure agile, smart decisions as each company develops. All companies start with a 3-10+ month paid diligence period, during which we gather data. Four stages follow: $200K, $1M, $3M and $6M with up to a third of the companies at each stage moving on to the next, based on how they perform.

Our founding partners have a deep understanding of early stage companies, through decades of experience as entrepreneurs, angel investors (3.3 - 4.6x personal ROI), and supporting or running accelerator programs.

This is the fund that we would have wished for as entrepreneurs. This is the advisor offer, including sharing carry, that we would say 'yes' to, as busy advisors. These are the terms and fees that we would say 'yes' to as angels who invest directly, and not in funds.

We believe that this is how loyalty is earned.