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Understanding Open-Ended VC Funds:
Hear From Experts at Betterfront and Loyal

As VC funds adapt to evolving private capital markets, many investors are seeking more flexibility in their fund investments. This has led to growth in fund-level innovations like rolling funds, open-ended funds, and continuation funds. Join Kamal Hassan, founding partner of the open-ended Loyal fund, and Michel Geolier, CEO of fund software provider Betterfront, for a webinar on what this trend means for investors, how to evaluate open-ended funds, and which other innovations may be on the way as the VC space continues to evolve.

Kamal Hassan a Managing Partner at Loyal VC, an entrepreneurial CEO and angel investor. His professional and philanthropic experiences include: time as a Global Director with the Founder Institute accelerator, former INSEAD Alumni Association President, a consultant at Bain & Co, and an engineer at IMAX. Kamal has an INSEAD MBA and a degree in engineering physics from Queen’s University. He has traveled to over 100 countries and speaks five languages.

Michel Geolier oversees strategy and business development at Betterfront. Previously, Michel led due diligence and fund managers selection for the Siemens’ pension fund. He started Betterfront out of his frustration of poor alternative investment analytic solutions.

Investing in Women, as an Angel or through a VC fund
with the INSEAD Women in Business Club

Join the Global Co-President of the INSEAD Women in Business Global Club, Sophie Berton, and Managing Partner at Loyal VC, Kamal Hassan, for this informational webinar discussing gender imbalance in venture capital, why diversity is the key to success, and how to overcome investing bias resulting in financial freedom for women globally.

This talk will cover the following points and more:

Mental Health Startup Showcase

Loyal is proud to showcase a selection of our portfolio companies and other high impact startups working to improve the lives of others through improving mental health. Presenting companies come from Australia, Canada, and around the world. 

Apples to Oranges: Making sense of startup valuations

Join Kamal Hassan, Managing Partner at Loyal, for this educational talk on startup valuations. 

This talk will cover the following points and more:

Net-Zero Startups: Early stage investing in a carbon-constrained world

Net-zero emissions refers to an equilibrium where we would add no more greenhouse gases (GHGs) to the atmosphere than we could remove from it, a balancing act that we will need to achieve if we are to stabilize the earth’s temperature. While uncertainties remain about the magnitude of the consequences of uncontrolled global warming, the World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Risks Report 2022 indicates that a near majority of business executives now believe that the most critical threat to the world is climate action failure, well above societal, technological, economic, or other geopolitical risks. In this context, how should early-stage investors assess their portfolio’s exposure to climate risks – particularly in the case of startup companies when little may be known about the potential climate impacts of new technologies, products, or business models? And what should startups do to determine whether they are on a path to net-zero?

Sébastien Raoux, Ph.D., J.D

Lead Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

In this presentation, IPCC Lead Author and Loyal VC Advisor Sébastien Raoux will explain what net-zero targets entail for startups and their investors. Starting with the basics of carbon footprinting methodologies, we will review how companies can minimize both direct and indirect emissions from their products, operations, and value chains. And because it is often difficult to reduce carbon footprints to zero, we will also decipher what strategies can be used to offset emissions – the ‘net’ part of net-zero. Finally, we will review the key principles of Corporate Climate Governance (CCG) and how Boards should oversee the management of climate-related impacts, particularly at the early stage of the corporate life cycle.

Investing like a Poker Player

Professional poker players have developed a number of strategies to optimize their financial returns from playing hands with uncertain outcomes that are revealed over time. This sounds a lot like early stage venture capital investing. The future of a startup is initially uncertain, and gets clearer over time as the company succeeds or not. Can VC investors optimize their returns by following poker player strategies, including small antes to see each hand, discrimination on which hands to invest further on, and large raises on hands that develop well?

This talk covers the following questions and more:

Investing in Women, as an Angel or Through a VC Fund with Expat Professional and Business Women's Network International

Watch Expat Professional and Business Women’s Network International and Loyal VC in this informational webinar discussing gender imbalance in venture capital, how diversity is the key to success, and how to overcome investing bias resulting in financial freedom for women globally. 

This talk covers the following questions and more:

The Secrets of VC and Angel Investing

Learn the fundamental math and other secrets of investing in startups, and how to avoid common pitfalls as an angel, and how to identify the right venture funds to invest in.

This talk covers the following questions and more:

Does VC have to be an illiquid asset class?

Venture capital is famously known as an asset class with the potential for exceptional returns, so long as the investor is willing to pay the necessary costs in effort and illiquidity. Does it have to be that way?

This talk covers the following questions and more: