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Investing like a Poker Player

Professional poker players have developed a number of strategies to optimize their financial returns from playing hands with uncertain outcomes that are revealed over time. This sounds a lot like early stage venture capital investing. The future of a startup is initially uncertain, and gets clearer over time as the company succeeds or not. Can VC investors optimize their returns by following poker player strategies, including small antes to see each hand, discrimination on which hands to invest further on, and large raises on hands that develop well?

This talk covers the following questions and more:

Investing in Women, as an Angel or Through a VC Fund with Expat Professional and Business Women's Network International

Watch Expat Professional and Business Women’s Network International and Loyal VC in this informational webinar discussing gender imbalance in venture capital, how diversity is the key to success, and how to overcome investing bias resulting in financial freedom for women globally. 

This talk covers the following questions and more:

The Secrets of VC and Angel Investing

Learn the fundamental math and other secrets of investing in startups, and how to avoid common pitfalls as an angel, and how to identify the right venture funds to invest in.

This talk covers the following questions and more:

Does VC have to be an illiquid asset class?

Venture capital is famously known as an asset class with the potential for exceptional returns, so long as the investor is willing to pay the necessary costs in effort and illiquidity. Does it have to be that way?

This talk covers the following questions and more: