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Big Content, Small Budget: How to Jumpstart Online Content Creation for Your Startup

March 10th: 12pm – 1pm ET (9am – 10am PT)

Great digital marketing thrives on content. From articles to social media, what you say impacts customer growth, brand perception, and long-term marketing success. Learn how to consistently create quality content on scarce resources with Loyal advisor Ian Lurie. Learn more about Ian and sign up for the workshop below:


Ian Lurie

Digital Marketing Consultant

Ian Lurie is a digital marketer with a twenty-five-year intolerance of trendy concepts and nonsense. Someone told him not to say bull3h!t, so he’s trying really hard not to. 

Ian uses both sides of his brain as a content creator, search engine optimization nerd and data addict. 

Ian founded Portent, a digital marketing agency, in 1995, and sold it to Clearlink in 2017. He’s now on his own, consulting for brands he loves and speaking at conferences that provide Diet Coke. He’s also trying to become a professional Dungeons & Dragons player, but it hasn’t panned out. 

You can find him pedaling his bike up Seattle’s ridiculous hills, or you can send him a note on Twitter or LinkedIn. 

He has a TikTok profile, but his kids are embarrassed by it, so we’ll leave that out.