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When Everything is Out of Stock: Tips for Startups Dealing With Supply Chain Issues

In this workshop, experienced startup COO Jens Voges will cover how the current chip shortage is impacting companies of all sizes, how to source more of the parts you need, how to make better use of the parts you already have, and how to make sure you’re being as effective as possible in managing parts and your supply chain.


jens voges

Jens Voges

COO at multiple startups

Jens is a mechanical engineer and operations manager by training, with over 25 years of hands-on and leadership experience driving innovation, developing products from concept through volume production, scaling operations, and delivering customer success at both hardware and food companies. He has led procurement and operations at companies including Sun Microsystems, f’real foods, Roastery, and Gate Labs. At f’real, he built a global supply chain to support the design, manufacturing, and service of interactive blenders found at more than 20,000 locations worldwide.


Unlocking Your Team's Superpowers with Court Lorenzini (founding CEO of DocuSign)

You don’t need to be a superhero to have superpowers. In fact, everyone has at least one true superpower… something that you do far better than almost everyone you know. Unfortunately, most of us go through life not fully understanding our core superpower, or how to use it, so we struggle with jobs, relationships, fulfillment, and purpose. In this workshop, Court Lorenzini, the founding CEO of DocuSign, will demonstrate a methodology that can help you discover the superpowers of yourself and the rest of your team, and put you on a path to entrepreneurial success.


Court Lorenzini

Founding CEO of DocuSign

Mr. Lorenzini is the founder and CEO of multiple successful technology startups including DocuSign, Point.com, Primus BioVision and MetaBrite Inc. His latest venture, Founder Nexus, aims to radically increase the success rate of early stage startups, and his work with the Lorenzini Family Foundation is aggressively investing in building a stronger and more equitable society. Additionally, Mr. Lorenzini serves on the Boards of many early-stage companies across the US and UK as well as the United States Olympic and Paralympic Foundation, and is an active investor and advisor.

Over his career, Mr. Lorenzini has raised over $300M in venture and strategic funding from leading corporations and venture capital funds. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Mr. Lorenzini held senior management positions with Cisco Systems and KLA-Tencor, and spent three years running a technology business in Neuchatel, Switzerland. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University and post graduate credentials from Stanford University, UC Berkeley and University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Big Content, Small Budget: How to Jumpstart Online Content Creation for Your Startup

Digital Marketing Foundations for Startups – Why Viral Marketing and Growth Hacking are a Waste of Time

Just because you built something doesn’t mean people will magically show up and love your product. I’ll give you the tools and foundation to build a sustainable marketing machine, for little to no cost, that will stop you from wasting your time on useless tactics and instead invest that time into your business. 


Kole McRae

Digital Marketing Consultant

I’m a digital marketer with over a decade of experience who has worked with some of the largest corporations in Canada but also with hundreds of startups. You only care about the latter part obviously – the startups I have worked with have seen double digit returns YoY from their marketing after my consultations. 

I cut through a lot of the BS out there when it comes to digital marketing – skipping the clickbait and tactics that promise to help you go viral. I teach this stuff at Ryerson university, through video talks like this, with my consulting firm and more so hopefully this is compelling and not just a boring lecture. 

In closing: market to people, not keywords.

Big Content, Small Budget: How to Jumpstart Online Content Creation for Your Startup

Great digital marketing thrives on content. From articles to social media, what you say impacts customer growth, brand perception, and long-term marketing success. Learn how to consistently create quality content on scarce resources with Loyal advisor Ian Lurie. Learn more about Ian and sign up for the workshop below:


Ian Lurie

Digital Marketing Consultant

Ian Lurie is a digital marketer with a twenty-five-year intolerance of trendy concepts and nonsense. Someone told him not to say bull3h!t, so he’s trying really hard not to. 

Ian uses both sides of his brain as a content creator, search engine optimization nerd and data addict. 

Ian founded Portent, a digital marketing agency, in 1995, and sold it to Clearlink in 2017. He’s now on his own, consulting for brands he loves and speaking at conferences that provide Diet Coke. He’s also trying to become a professional Dungeons & Dragons player, but it hasn’t panned out. 

You can find him pedaling his bike up Seattle’s ridiculous hills, or you can send him a note on Twitter or LinkedIn. 

He has a TikTok profile, but his kids are embarrassed by it, so we’ll leave that out.